Edward K. Watson is Available for Media Appearances

Ed is the one who discovered an attribute of the New Testament that has never been noticed before: 

            It is a frameless, unharmonized, correlative anthology.

He can explain just how unusual this feature of the New Testament is and why it is demonstrably impossible to replicate. It is an empirical evidence that can be used to provide a very high probability that it is inspired by God.

Ed is also the one who articulated the ten Natural Rights - the rights everyone needs to understand and live by to find maximum social contentment.

Ed is a subject matter expert on New Testament theology, Christianity in general, and on various religions (such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Iglesia Ni Cristo). He can provide insights and relevant commentary to current events from a "Christianity in general" perspective.

He can also speak credibly on:

  • Living as a Christian in today's world
  • The problems of atheism
  • Self and relationship improvements
  • Future trends (biotech, space, others)

To book a media appearance, send an email to