Who Am I?

I'm a writer and analyst with 30 years' experience writing data-driven documentation.

I am a Christian who was once an atheist. My faith returned in early 2016 due to discovering something I know is impossible about the New Testament - it is a correlative anthology whose authors didn't have a common harmonizing editor or produce their writings within a common frame (project manager, guideline, specification).

I am a columnist for PJ Media. I've also written articles that have been published in Canada Free Press.

I am also the founder of - The World's Smartest Shirts!

Writing Subjects

I write on a variety of subjects:

  • Business/project documentation (RFP responses/proposals, project execution plans, manuals, procedures)
  • Natural Rights and the Social Contract
  • Unbiased religious studies
  • General Christian apologetics
  • Self-help (overcoming grief/trials, attracting, finding, and keeping a great husband, improving marriages)
  • Future trends (space, social movement, technology)

My Mission

I want people to ponder - about who they are and why they're so important to God; about their natural rights that are inalienable - they cannot be taken away from them by the state or by anyone unless they've violated the natural rights of others or broke the Social Contract; about how much they and the world owe Christianity; about how beneficial the West and the United States in particular have been to the betterment of humanity.

I want people to feel proud - about Christianity's role in utterly transforming the world where its moral views are the foundation of just laws everywhere; about how much better they are when they overcome the human nature to take advantage or harm the weak outsiders and instead to view them as their neighbor; about the role the United States of America has played in bringing freedom and tangible benefits to billions of people over the past 70 years.

The God Who Washes Feet

Available in 2019!

THE GOD WHO WASHES FEET: Assessing Christianity's Credibility (approx 600 pages, $31.99 HC) is the first book to detail an astonishing objective fact about the New Testament: It is a frameless, unharmonized, correlative anthology. 

Somehow, nine authors wrote 27 books containing at least 55 major doctrines and 180 doctrinal concepts that perfectly fit together to create a single cosmology--without using a common editor to harmonize the books, and without writing within a common frame (using the same guidelines, standards, specifications). 

Many Authors, No Frame, No Harmonizing Editors, But Single Cosmology

THE GOD WHO WASHES FEET demonstrates the New Testament really has a single cosmology when these 55 doctrines are grouped according to whether they refer to the Pre-Mortal Jesus, Human Jesus, Resurrected Jesus, or Glorified Jesus.

The Impossible New Testament

The New Testament should not exist. It is impossible for multiple authors to produce deliverables that blend, without using a common harmonizing editor or write within a common frame, because humans cannot read each other's minds. 

And yet, there it is ...

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Edward K. Watson

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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