About Me

My Background


 I am a writer of facts and opinions. I've worked primarily as a technical writer, with emphasis on correlative anthologies and analytics. I have written over 400 major project documentation, including entire project execution plans and proposals, for major projects, including a dozen above $1 billion TIC. 

I am the founder of www.Brainy-Shirts.com - The World's Smartest Shirts. 

Writing Genres


  1. Unbiased religious studies
  2. Natural rights
  3. Science and logic
  4. Self and relationship improvement
  5. Trends forecasting and analytics
  6. Business/project documentation 

Religious Writing Methodology


  • I use Nestle-Aland 28 (NA28) as my primary source text for the New Testament instead of any specific version. After transliterating the passage, I examine it using reputable Bible study sites (such as Bible Hub, Bible Study Tools, StudyLight.org, and others) and interpret it holistically using the clustering approach (where I associate the passage with others that talk about the same concept to get the "big picture"). In all cases, I pray and ask Heavenly Father to have the Holy Spirit help me understand the passage and help me explain it properly to others because I'm simply not that smart.
  • My writings on "Christianity" do not promote or endorse any specific denomination within Christianity. My writing is on what unites over 2.4 billion people within the Christian religion, not on what separates the different Christian branches and sects. As a result, 99% of all knowledgeable Christians will love my writings  regardless of which church they believe in because my writings support the most important aspects of their beliefs--which is shared across all major Christian denominations. In short, if you are a Christian, you will find joy in my Christian-specific writings without worrying that I'm trying to covertly convert you.
  • While I am a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the fifth branch of Christianity, because of the astonishing Book of Mormon - the only external empirical evidence that the Holy Bible is truly from God; my desire is to bring people to Jesus Christ - our Lord and God and only way for us to be saved. Where people find Jesus is up to them and him. I found him in the Latter-day Saints.
  • In all my writing, I clearly delineate which parts of my work are "neutral" where skeptics and non-Christians are given accurate information without religious "propaganda," and which parts are "apologetic." Only in the Latter-day Saint-specific writings may one find pro-Latter-day Saint language, and even then, they are usually framed with respect to objective facts within the denomination and its Scriptures.