About Me

My Background

 I am a writer of facts and opinions. I've worked primarily as a technical writer, with emphasis on correlative anthologies and analytics. I have written over 400 major project documentation, including entire project execution plans and proposals, for major projects, including a dozen above $1 billion TIC. 

I am the founder of www.Brainy-Shirts.com - The World's Smartest Shirts. 

Writing Genres

  1. Unbiased religious studies
  2. Natural rights
  3. Science and logic
  4. Self and relationship improvement
  5. Trends forecasting and analytics
  6. Business/project documentation 

Religious Writing Methodology

  • My writings do not promote or endorse any specific denomination within Christianity. My interest is on what unites over 2.4 billion people within the Christian religion, not on what separates the different Christian branches and sects. 
  • Although I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormonism) before I fell into atheism, since regaining my faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God in early 2016; I no longer promote Mormonism and neither do I interpret the Bible using Mormon theology. I only discuss subjects that over 99% of all Christians can agree upon, regardless of which church they believe in. As a result, knowledgeable Catholics, Evangelicals, Baptists, Anglicans, and others will love my writings, because they support the most important aspects of their beliefs--which is shared across all major Christian denominations.
  • I clearly delineate which parts of my work are "neutral" where skeptics and non-Christians are given accurate information without religious "propaganda," and which parts are "apologetic."