The Iglesia Ni Cristo Under a Microscope

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The Iglesia Ni Cristo Under a Microscope (TINCUM) is the only systematic examination of the beliefs and practices of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) church. This Christian denomination started in the Philippines in 1914 and has a Unitarian theology. What makes it unique is it claims the Bible contains dozens of prophecies of their founder (Felix Manalo), their church, and the Philippines. It also has the distinction of being the only major Christian denomination in the past two centuries with an overwhelmingly negative public image where many nonbelievers in the Philippines associate the INC with the words “violent, intolerant, hostile, intimidation, scary, threats, assaults, beatings, arrogant, proud, brainwashed” instead of the typical Christian attributes of “humble, meek, submissive, kind, respectful of others, forgiving, tolerant, patient, or merciful.” 

The INC loudly proclaims it is the only “True Church” and all who refuse to convert will suffer eternal torment in the “lake of fire.” At the same time, it openly flaunts unethical practices such as block voting (voter fraud), influence peddling to political candidates, shunning of the excommunicated by their own family on pain of excommunication themselves, INC minister as gatekeeper of his congregation while in a conflict of interest position, brainwashing of members into fanatics, and manipulating members into becoming cash cows.

TINCUM is the first book to examine and refute every INC claim of biblical prophecy. It shows that it is impossible for the INC arguments to be true. TINCUM also provides specific passages showing the Holy Bible teaches Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is also God.

TINCUM does not promote any specific faith except "Trinitarian" Christianity as a whole. It is written for anyone who wants to know more about the credibility of the INC church.

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