I write on non-religious and religious subjects. My religious writings do not promote any specific denomination. My interest is identifying and sharing the biblical doctrines that are common to all branches of Christianity - those shared by over 2.4 billion living Christians. 

Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Christians, Anglicans, Latter-day Saints, and other Christians will all find support and validation in my religious writings.

  1. My "Database" writings can be used by non-Christians and skeptics to obtain accurate information without being exposed to religious bias or propaganda.
  2. My "Religious Studies" and "Apologetics" writings aren't internecine, where one Christian denomination is promoted over another. They are solely plenary, where around 99% of knowledgeable Christians agree on the basics. The only exception to this rule are those in reference to non-Trinitarian sects like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Iglesia Ni Cristo,

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